Day 10…

So it was a pretty great Saturday!  Can you believe that we have been here over a week!  We all woke up at 6 am & told the kids that Papi y Mami decide when everybody gets to get up & everyone went back to bed til 7 am!  I know a miracle!!

A nice quiet moment during the morning

We slowly got up, played around the house & prepared breakfast together, it was a Tyler/Beth classic & the kids really enjoyed it…eggs with hotdogs cut up in it.  Then we were off to the park.  Only the 4 oldest went, baby girl is still getting over a cold so she spent the morning with Abuelita, a little spoiled & a lot of love, as all grandmas do!  We made some great use out of the beach toys that Abuelita brought, the kids built cities, roads, cakes with esperanza flowers, castles…it was just so nice to see their imaginations going, it was good to see them relax & be able to play independently.  It allowed Tyler & I time to relax & just enjoy being around them.  We still played with them, filling buckets, encouraging their creativity & taking pictures when asked but it was so great to sit still & admire these precious kids.

Love seeing the sand villages!

We headed home, started the movie, today´s viewing was Ku-Ku Panda (that´s what our kids call it) & it was a hit.  After the movie we enjoyed a great lunch of steak, rice, plantains & pineapple juice.  Our sweet youngest son fights naps like crazy but no matter what we do he falls asleep during the last 15min of the movie & usually sleeps through the first 20min of lunch.

Poor kid, fell asleep during lunch, he stayed in this position for about 20min. Please notice his ninja pipe cleaner, thanks Ku Ku Panda!

After lunch we headed out to swim!! This was such an amazing treat for us & the kids.  We go to 3 different parks every day, and it was just so great to do something new!!  Jeremy, a friend from the states, hooked us up with a missionary family he knows in Bogota via Facebook & their apartment complex has an indoor pool.  Stan & Deb serve the indigenous people in Bogota in the slums of the city…that´s right people there are two more missionaries to add to your prayer list!!   I wish that I could explain to you how AMAZING this family was to ours!!  We got to their complex & immediately Deb helped me get the kids in & ready to swim.  Stan quickly took Tyler to a nearby story to buy vests for the kids because the pool has no shallow area.  In a matter of minutes the kids were showered, swim capped & ready to go.  Deb & I both with two children each headed into the pool wondering how they would react.  Well friends they were fearless, jumping in immediately to open arms, if they came up coughing on water they quickly recovered & went right back it.  All that is except our youngest son, Mr. Cautious he sat on the side with Abuelita & tormented everyone in the pool with the tiny waterguns that I had brought just in case the pool turned out to be not such a hit.  Soon the Tyler and Stan were back & everyone was in bright yellow vests ready to go.  These were not “American standard safety vests” but they worked great, nobody drowned & everybody had  a great time.  Sorry for the lack of pictures, my mom didn´t understand why I wanted pictures of the backs of their heads when the fronts are so cute, just know in our swim caps we all look like giant q-tips, chubby giant q-tips.  Also for those of you wondering, yes Tyler did swim, in swim SHORTS, first time in 15 yrs. We´ll try to get a picture next time, a historic occasion!

Afterwards they invited us up to their apartment, I reminded them that we have 5 kids that we have known for just over a week & they still let us come in!  The house was decorated beautifully & all I could see were the pretty things that my kids could destroy but again Stan & Deb were so kind.  We cleared the coffee table & Deb brought out 2 boxes of toys & allowed our kids to play freely.  They also have 2 beagles that our kids loved on (Tyler & I did too, we sure do miss the pups)!  It was so peaceful, not because the kids didn´t fight, act up or fuss but because we got to fellowship with other believers, we got to be encouraged, we got to speak English & our kids got to be loved on.

View from the apartment

Beautiful Bogota

Our oldest son wasn´t feeling good & he curled up in a chair to rest, I asked him if he would like to sit with me & he said “no”, then I asked if I could sit with him & he said “yes”. I rocked my sweet boy til he fell asleep & Deb correctly stated, “That is God. There is no reasonable explanation that these kids should trust you that much, let you protect them like you do, or call you Papi & Mami so freely & confidently. God allowed all of this, isn´t it amazing the blessings that we are allowed when we are in His will!”

Stan treated our kids like they were his own, so very thankful for their hospitality!

Deb being so kind & generous to us & our kids

Prayer requests: Me & our oldest son are pretty sick, pray for quick healing please.  I´m very thankful my mom ther nurse is here this week, she set up a great medicine regiment for everybody.  If we can keep the rest of the kids healthy on Monday they will all head to the doctor to get their TB tests done, another step to coming home!  We are waiting on our court assignment & pray for a quick return home.  Corrections, retrys,  & recoveries are still a constant in our lives but the recoveries are happening faster & the corrections are becoming easier.  It is still hard & tiring but hearing Papi & Mami´s , the holding hands, the “help me” please´s, the besos & abrazos mucho mas make it all worth it.

I spent the first hour of my day reading 1 Peter, drinking coffee & reading through all of the cards & notes that we received since we started our adoption process, thank you!  Thank you for your kind words, thoughtful advice & taking the time to pray for our family, my prayer for all of you tonight…

Above all, love each other deeply because love covers over a multitude of sin.  1 Peter 4:8

Because he first loved us…

At the dinnermesa,


7 thoughts on “Day 10…

  1. Once again….thank you for the blog…I love reading it…when you said you were sick…I was a little afraid you wouldn’t write….but so glad you did. Was that the first time the kids has swam in a pool? I love seeing the picture of Your son asleep standing up…so funny. God is a mighty God….I pray you rejoice in his arms!

  2. You guys are awesome. We were so touched to see how God was working through you to complete the family he has always had a plan for. You are both amazing parents, one would think you already have raised 5 or 6 before this venture. This is such a God thing. Thank you for blessing our lives!

  3. Being sick away from home is no fun…being sick as a new mommy, away from home is DEFINITELY no fun! Continuing to pray for quick recovery!!! I can appreciate the miracle of Tyler getting in the pool…Keith got into the pool this year quite a few times. I got him into the water ONE time in the 15 yrs of marriage (prior to this year)! Kids change things! 🙂

  4. Gina Kudrna says:

    The best part of waking up is dinner mesa in my email box. I’m encouraged by your words and thoughts. It strengthens my faith in Our God. I can not wait to meet the new Nichols family

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