Day 9…

The kids are loving their Abuelita!  And I must confess I was just as excited to have her arrive too!!  The morning started out great, everybody slept til 6:30 & we told the children that they need to wait until we tell them they can get out of bed…and it worked! Don´t get me wrong they were definitely talkative & playing in their beds but they were in their rooms until 7am!! Plenty of time to finish up the morning chores & grab some coffee to start the day.

The day started off beautifully, the kids are loving their new house guest & really enjoyed giving abuelita besos & abrazos.  We spent a lovely morning in the park playing with the new beach toys that my mom had brought.  Their were a few corrections but the recovery time after the corrections is getting shorter & shorter!  We headed home early & changed our schedule around usually we watch a movie & eat lunch at 1pm but today we had our bonding interview for Colombia at 2 so we switched up our routine.  As we watched the movie I began to dress the kids in their finest, except for baby girl who was taking a much needed nap.  Everyone was ready, well dressed & in a great attitude & 2:00pm arrived.  All of the kids were coloring peacefully, listening perfectly & waiting patiently.  An hour later we got started, by this time it looked a lot like a scene in the movie The Last of the Mohicans!   Crayons were everywhere, the kids were stalking my mom around the apartment, cookies were out on the table for our interview & the kids were circling them like vultures, we got out the pipe cleaners as a last resort & those were going great until my oldest daughter (the responsible one, ha!) stole the package from my mom & was running away from her!!

So we started the interview with the public defender as our kids ran around in the background, we were asked about what we did to prepare for this many kids, how the kids are doing in their new home, how we are feeling as parents.  Then she asked us how are we doing this, how are we not exhausted, how will we keep doing this?  And we were able to tell her, these are our kids, we are exhausted but we will do our best for them.  Then comes the nervous part where she brings the kids in, in our case it was our three oldest because they can write & she asks them how they are liking their new families…kids say the darndest things!  Our oldest son comes over & says that he loves us, says his last name is ours & asks how to spell it for the four forms that he has to sign declaring us as his parents, then he runs to give Papi & Mami hugs & kisses!  Then comes in my oldest daughter, she immediately claimed our last name as hers & that she loves her new family, then comes our middle son, yep repeat: they all claimed us, they all willingly said we are their Mami & Papi, they all wrote our last name!!! The public defender approved us & we are headed to the list to be decided what court we will be in to be approved to travel HOME!!  The court you are assigned to decides if you are in Bogota for 4wks or 8-12wks.  We are completely at their mercy & their time table.

After the children ran wild for about 2hrs we had a LOT of repair work to do, there were a lot of corrections, retrys, recoveries & rebuilding to do.  But the recoveries are faster, instead of completely shutting down on us there are windows left open for play & rebuilding, sonrisas are usually quick to resurface & we get to start every day a new.  Oh my goodness my friends we are exhausted, but we are living in hope (as Pastor Johnny says, ´confident expectation´)!  We are becoming a family, the kids willingly call us Mami & Papi, they tell us that they love us & they find windows of forgiveness for us when we have asked too much of them.  Our family still has a very long way to go but we will be walking it together!

Pray for our oldest son as he is learning to break down barriers, allowing Papi & Mami to be the boss & have his best interest at heart.  Our middle son & oldest daughter are both freezers any time any form of discipline is present, allow us to have patience & kindness in redirecting them & for them to find security in their new family.  Our youngest son had a very hard day & is learning that hitting is not an option in our family, he is a bit of a rascal & definitely uses his cuteness to get away with things, pray that he finds kindness towards his family & learns to use his words to display his feelings.  Darth is feeling a little bit better & had a fabulous 3hr nap today, thank you for lifting her up in your prayers.

Please pray for me.  Sometimes/all of the time…I get my expectations to high & I forget to celebrate the small victories, Tyler has been so kind in redirecting my behavior & remind me that we have been with our kids for one week & they have already come so far.  Keep my mom in your prayers, we are definitely working her hard while she is down here.  Also Tyler & I also caught the cold that our kids brougt with them a week ago, my voive is nearly completely gone, please pray for a quick recovery or just enough strength to ourlast the kids everyday!!  Lastly please pray for our court assignment, it will be good to come home & begin our ¨normal¨ life.

Playing with their new ´beach toys¨in the sand pit at one of the parks

Snack time in the park with abuelita

Playing ball with Papi

The kids had fun blowing up balloons with abuelita!

Nope he´s not peeing in the corner, our youngest finally trapped the yellow balloon he had been chasing

**Disclaimer, I was re-reading the blog & I need to clarify there is nothing that Tyler & I did that has allowed these children so easily to call us Papi Y Mami, that was ALL GOD!  God kept them together as a group & allowed them security in their family unit to find a place in it for us!  Prayer warriors, it is your faith that has helped make us a family!

At the dinnermesa,



9 thoughts on “Day 9…

  1. Candy Shuffitt says:

    Praise God for answered prayer. Don’t doubt yourself. Tyler is right…it’s only been a week and look how they showed their love by “claiming” you. Love and prayers your way!!!

  2. Kim Yetter says:

    You are both amazing. From the outside looking in, the progress seems to be going so well. Maybe harder to see when you are in the midst of it.

  3. George and Suzanne Mentzer says:

    Hi Beth and Tyler, I get up early just to start my day with your blog. I read it to Grandma and we giggle and cry. God has given you His best and asked you to take care of his children. You are doing a great job! Love from PA, Aunt Suzy

    • dinnermesa says:

      Thanks Aunt Suzy- and a big thank you for taking the time to read it to grandma!! miss you all & can´t wait for the kids to meet you!!

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