Day 8…

How do you know that Beth is tired? Tyler´s doing the blog. We joked that the grammer might be a little better, but it might not tug at your heartstrings as much.

Today was La Casa´s 70-Year celebration, and we needed to be there as good ambassadors of the USA as well as our adoption agency, Gladney. La Casa is an amazing place, and we were eager to ¨grease the skids¨ for future families that want to adopt. The only problem  challenge is, we have five kids (that we have known less than a week) that we have to keep still, quiet, and clean for five hours. I had about fifteen heart-attacks and was legally dead for about five minutes, but I have to say, our kiddies did so well. There were a few tantrums, and orange cracker dust got on the girls´pretty white dresses, baby girl had a major blow-out, but God blessed us with a lot of grace and we were able to get through it. Beth has her Swiss-Army mommy-bag stocked with toys, dipers, and wipes, so that helped a lot.

Once we got back at the house, we definitely had some issues, but it was mainly because the kid´s schedule was a little out-of-whack (i.e. we ate lunch at 3:00 pm). The middle son didn´t get to go to the park because he didn´t want to follow instructions, Darth bit Beth, and our youngest boy was curious if Papi would follow through when he said, ¨No mas¨to throwing toys. Don´t worry, Papi stayed strong (insert evil take-over-the-world laugh here).

Also, Tia Lauren is gone. She left at about 7:00 pm as the kids were going to bed. We are officially working now without a safety net. I´m praying that our Spanish will be good enough to get by. We are communicating Spanglish with the kids fairly well, but it´s other people (at the grocery store, the bakery, the doorman at our apartment, etc.) that I am worried about. I at least know how to say ¨My Spanish is not very good,¨ but that´s sort of a conversation ender instead of a conversation starter. Oh Lauren, we miss you already!

The real reason I´m doing the blog tonight is that Beth´s mom just got here. She´ll definitely be our fire putter-outer over the next few weeks. She got here at about 9:15 pm, and while she didn´t officially meet the kids, she got to peek in on them. They´re not in those little plastic tupperware things at the hospital, but it was a little like seeing a newborn for the first time when they are all asleep in their beds in a row. Abuelita is definitely a proud grandmother! My mom will be coming in about seven days.

Tomorrow will mark one whole week as being a family of seven. I´m amazed to see how far we have come in such a short amount of time. This place was like ¨Lord of the Flies¨that first day. Fortunately God gave us a few moments through that day to ease the stress (it cracks you up when you see your little girl take a dump with sunglasses on while making grunting noises). Today, I needed to help Beth in the bathroom, and I left our oldest boy in a room by himself to come to her aid for about two minutes. The first day, that would have been enough time for him to set the place on fire, eat a whole wheel of cheese, and organize a mob. Today, none of those things happened. Progress!

Beth has said this many times, but please know how grateful we are to have so many prayer warriors at home interceeding on our behalf. As we debriefed tonight, we definitely agreed that we are no longer afraid. We know this is hard, but with God´s help, we know we can do it. Way to go for helping put Satan´s team on the defensive! We´re super humbled to be blessed by God through all of you.

Baby girl is still getting up at 5:30 every morning crying, any ideas friends? Or is it a this too shall pass kind of a thing?

Playing in the sand, luckily Abuelita just got here with some new fancy tools for the kids to use.

Mami & our oldest playing frisbee

Our youngest boy loves chalk, someday we´ll post the pictures of his face covered in it.

Playing in the sand, I am pretty sure this is right before Darth shoved a pile of it into her mouth.

At the dinnermesa,



8 thoughts on “Day 8…

  1. Melissa says:

    Great blog Ty I literally LOLd like 3-4 times! We’re still praying 🙂 we love y’all so very much! Rest as much as possible. ¡Todo estará bien!

  2. Jennifer Dennis says:

    I tried to leave a comment yesterday but google said I was being repetitive! I’m trying to mix it up today. Thanks so much for the updates. I know you guys aren’t floating in free time. So glad your moms are coming in to be with the kids. That made me tear up alone! You guys are learning and growing so quickly. It is truly amazing. We will be lifting you up to the father and much affections for you (avoiding the restating here, not having language difficulty).

    Blessings Friends!!

  3. Bethany Monhollon says:

    In response to “baby girl” crying – yes, it will pass. I know it is hard, but just remember that she is the baby and you are blessed to experience getting up with a baby and cuddling her. Someday you will look back and miss her small, warm body and little hands. Drink her in as she is now. Someday you will want to make the whole world better by just being able to cuddle her close, but she will be too big to need you. It will happen before you know it. She may need cuddles and reassurance for a while. Her whole world has been turned upside down. Every time she comes in crying, she is learning that YOU are there. Toddlers don’t understand time and that what happened yesterday is concrete and will happen again today, too. They learn moment by moment. Enjoy the moments. Blessings!!! Love you guys!!! – The Monhollons

  4. Baby girl waking up crying…yes, one day it will pass when she feels comfortable and safe. Sleep is a very vulnerable state. We’ve had sleep issues with Megan since the day we met her (4+ yrs ago). The fact that she will go back to sleep with one of you is a HUGE blessing (Megan didn’t when she woke up at 4:30am for years!)! Take it as she finds comfort and safety with your presence. And enjoy the extra snuggles and bonding time with her, she apparently needs some extra love and snuggles. And that’s okay. Co-sleeping is a GREAT bonding tool.

    Even if she does make a change while you are still there, she make regress when you get home and are in a strange place. I mean, this is a strange place for her and if she wakes up at 5:30 naturally and would otherwise fall back to sleep, but since she doesn’t know where she is…the fact that she’s comfortable with your presence to fall back to sleep with you is truly awesome!

    Continuing to pray for you guys! So glad things are going well! So glad that you are continuing to get help during your time there.

    • Lyndy Edwards says:

      My little 7 yr old Mason would start crying and continue for FORTY-FIVE minutes!!! Loud wailing and crying and hiding under the bed where I could not get him out. I wanted to do the same!!! Plus I knew NO Chinese to try to coax or bribe him out… It lasted about 3-4 weeks, and from then on it became less and less time. Now he is 9—it is very rare for him to cry at all, and it is very soft and a very few minutes. He has come a LONG way!! I would always try to remind myself that these are GOD’s kids, not mine, and I have been given the privilege to love and train them for HIS use. “They are precious in His sight…Jesus loves the little children around the world.

  5. Sharon says:

    Loved this blog, Tyler. It made me laugh and smile — which is another great way to pull at heart strings! Great progress that no one is trying to start a new mafia or eating a wheel of cheese anymore — haha.

    Kids wanting to sleep with you — I would not worry at all. Some of my fondest moments with my kids are when they were in that half-way world between sleep and awake. When they got older and didn’t want to sleep with us anymore, they knew that Mom and Dad’s bed was the safest place in the world to talk about the issues of the day. Can’t tell you how many prayers, conversations, and hugs happened there. Cherish every one of them!!
    Sharon Lee

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