Day 3…

We started our day early, baby girl woke up crying for ¨mama¨ at 5:30am, big sister is still the mama she calls for but it was a great moment this morning when I told big sister to go back to sleep & baby girl came and slept on the futon with me until 6:30 when her brothers & sisters woke up.  We all got dressed & ready for the day.  We then headed downstairs and around the corner to the panderia & each child got to pick out one thing.  We had already told them this in the apartment before we left & if they complained or begged for more they would get nothing.  They did great!  The only breakdown was when we were leaving and our oldest son cried because the baby girl asked for the same kind of treat that he had…ahh siblings.  I explained in my broken Spanish that she loves her brother & he should be proud that she wants to be like him.  Tears subsided & we headed back home.

After breakfast we cleaned hands & got ready to head to the park that is minutes away from the apartment but as we were preparing to leave big brother decided that he didn´t have to listed to instructions anymore & began laughing again when he was told not to do something.  Needless to say Papi & big borther spent the morning at the apartment.  It was a good lesson for big brother & his siblings. Lots of limits were tested today & we tried so hard to do our best with the kids.  We correct, retry, and reassure them that we love them.

Tonight we celebrated Middle brother’s birthday he turned cinco!  Around lunch time he began to act out & test boundaries, but as soon as he realized that he had a cake, the family singing happy birthday & a present (4 pieces of sidewalk chalk & 1 matchbox car) all was well again.  We had to reassure the other children that we love them so much and our whole family needs to be excited for Middle brother´s birthday.  It was still a hard night for the ninos, they are very competitive with each other & want everything fair & need to be reassured that we love them all & there are no favorites.

Tonight as reassurance we let them have toys during bath time.  Everybody was a fan of the squirt animals & especially the plastic tupperware to dump on each other´s head.  We definitely had the kids in bed by 7pm tonigt & they were asleep by 7:30, thank goodness!  The day just feels so very long (& there are still so many of them left), we are still not in a great rhythm & our bodies still haven´t caught up, which means exhaustion is setting in.  Several times today we had to remind each other that it is just the second day & they have already made so much progress.  They are beautiful & we are so blessed!

Thank you all for your comments, texts & facebook posts! Several times today they would come at the right time: reminders that we are not in this alone, God is our strength, parenting is hard, & just kind words being said about us!  Also a shout-out to Lauren, the missionary helping us, we literally could not do this without her being here!  She has been an enormous help & seems to have endless energy, she treats our children with love &  encourages us through out the day!  Our family is so blessed to know her! And to think if Tyler wouldn´t have gone on that mission trip just a year ago, none of this might have happened (hint, hint, wink, wink!! If God is calling you do it, por favor!)

Headed to bed, thanks for reading!

Headed to breakfast con Papi

Y con Mami

Lauren helping translate so everyone gets what they want 🙂

At the dinnermesa,



14 thoughts on “Day 3…

  1. Robin Burgin says:

    A new day will start soon, and His mercies are new, too! New tests will need your same firm reassurances. You two are amazing, and now you are learning to be seven…I love you both, and am cheering you on for Quatro Dias!

  2. Jennifer Dennis says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your day! I’m so excited for you guys and your new family. You are loved!

    • The Caddens /Seals are all together on a family trip….and crying, rejoicing, praising God each day as we read your blog to everyone….we are praying for your sweet family! I’m amazed at the strength, patience, love you and Tyler have! God truely has His Hand on your family!

  3. Mary Esta Pappalardo says:

    So proud of you setting limits right away.. I bet that was and still is hard to do..
    Praying and God Bless you there Something that you need that I can snd with Grandma Martha? Please let m know.. Missed your shower due to wedding family sill in town .
    Let me know xoxoxoxo

  4. Sounds like you are guys are doing GREAT!!!! Hang in there! Parenting is hard…but when you are parenting children who have a tough past…its beyond difficult (then add a language barrier & sibling competition on top! WHEW!). Boy do I understand! Lots of prayers for you guys!

  5. Loving watching your story unfold!

    Tiny note – do you know that you referred to one of the children by name in this post? You’ve been so careful up to now so I wanted to mention it just in case it’s a rule or something.

    • dinnermesa says:

      I did, I just try to mention them all in one post, it´s more for their safety than a rule. At least not until we are back in the states. Thanks for checking!!

  6. Following along from MN, praying for you, and reminiscing from our journeys to Colombia to bring home our precious children! I well remember our joys and trials while in country. They are imprinted on our hearts as we learned a new kind of dependence on Christ. Praying for you today!

  7. Gail Garrett says:

    Parenting is the hardest job you will ever have and one of the most important. It still exhaust me to think about when my kids were little ( and we did not have the extra problems of the language barriers and preset experiences that conditions them) and exhausts me even more to hear about your experiences. I can’t say it will get any easier as when we got used to one stage they grew and were in a different stage. Maybe for you though, it will get easier as it is easier living in the states, they will eventually get used to some of the rules- but they always seem to test them- and they will learn the language which I am sure will be a huge help. You also get used to the labor involved in caring for them and it becomes second nature. You will have help in the states too in the form of Grandparents, other relatives and your great church family. Hang in there and remember James1:5. Your oldest reminds me of my oldest on their own agenda thing. Maybe it is just first borns? Hmm Love Gail

      • Gail Garrett says:

        We are definitely planning on that! Aunt Gail and Uncle Mark (ouch that is Great Aunt and Great Uncle- we are old aren’t we?

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