Day 2…

Today we met our kids, we became instant parents, we fell in love.  It was not an easy day but it was one that I will never forget.

Our dear friend Lauren (our missionary friend from this post) was kind enough to fly down for the first week & help us with the children, she is fluent in Spanish & we will take all of the help that we can get!! (that´s right I found the exclamation mark)!  She arrived late last night & we were all exhausted & were in bed by 11pm.  We woke up at 6:30 the next morning, nervous but so thankful for a good night´s rest.  After breakfast we were ready to head out, kid´s back packs in hand, new clothing for the group & a fully stocked diaper bag.

Ready to go!

At 9:15 we were on our way.  After picking up Lucy, our liason in Colombia, we went to La Casa where our children were living.  We were early (I know first time in my life!) & the director took us around to see the orphanage.  It was so beautiful, every hall is completely filled with pictures of children that have been adopted from La Casa.  The rooms are beautifully painted, some with elephants, murals, children´s handprints.  Then we went into the nursery, sweet precious babies were swaddled and beautiful just waiting for their forever families to bring them home.  We got to see the grounds that are wonderfully manicured with beautiful flowers & play equipment.  They have a wonderful classroom, small gym area, a computer room & a library.  Then we went back inside & got to meet children who are the same age as my kids.  These children need families!  This was the only time the entire day I got teary-eyed, when these children ages 2-12yrs ask, ¨Are you my parents?¨  Sweet friends please pray about adoption, if God so lays it on your hearts GO!  On the drive to La Casa I remember thinking, ¨Is this really my life?  I am a play-it-safe kind of a girl, I am in a foreign country about to jump straight into a family, how did this happen!?!¨  Because today reminded me it is not my strength, it is His.

The Chapel where our kids attended Mass every Sunday

Cafeteria for all of their meals

Where they slept

After the tour we met with the children´s psychologist & teachers.  They told us about the children´s behaviors, schedules, eating patterns, suggestions for school, etc.  It was so helpful & put us so far ahead of the game.  Then that beautiful moment came when the Director said, ¨Here are your children.¨

At the dinnermesa,


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