We have SIZES (we hope)…

So after coming back from Houston earlier than expected I tried to figure out what project to tackle first…

Do you remember in this post when I told you about the Gladney Service team that got to meet our kids?  Well they also gave us a HUGE gift & took tracings of the kids hands & feet & their height.  We love having these for the fun memories for our kids when they are older, but we also appreciate these measurements to figure out their sizes.

So I called up my good friend Brandi & asked her to help me play the game, “What size clothing & shoes do you think my kid’s wear?”  Brandi is a great mom, practical, and I knew she would be able to lead me through this anomaly that is Kid’s sizes.  I was right she showed me the size charts & off we went through Target with the tape measure, looking for kids that were about the same size as my kids are & asking their mom’s what size they are, calling friends who have kids the same age/size as mine are & using Brandi’s son Baby Jake as a model for my youngest daughter.

Figuring out that Baby Jake was a perfect match to baby girl’s size foot 🙂

Thanks Baby Jake, hope this will be a fun memory for our kids to share someday

The trip was a success here are the sizes that we have come up with:

The boys:

Oldest son: Clothing 8/9, Shoes 2

Middle son: Clothing 6/7, Shoes 1

Youngest son: Clothing 4T, Shoes 10T

The girls:

Oldest daughter: Clothing 6, Shoes 1

Youngest daughter: Clothing 2T/3T, Shoes 8W/9

I bought the basics to get us through the Colombia trip: socks, underwear, bathing suits, tennis shoes, one pair of nice shoes.  I have had a lot of clothing donated & I will be going through that tonight to see what sizes I am still in need of.

The haul: I was able to cover the entire purchase with giftcards that we have received from generous friends & family!!

We are still on the hunt for cowboy boots for the boys.  This was their one request, how much do you love that God prepared them a place in Texas!

Thank you to all of our friends who have been so generous to our kids, you will never know how God’s love has been shown to our family through your thoughtful actions!!

At the dinnermesa,



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