Best laid plans…

So on Thursday night we headed to Houston because Friday morning we had grand plans of being the first people in line to try & obtain our visas to travel to Colombia…

July 20th is Colombia’s Independence Day =’s the consulate is closed.  Whoops!

But on July 20th I fell in love with my husband all over again…We are lined up in front of the consulate’s door at 8:45, there are 3 full grown men in front of us waiting too & about 5min later my husband very calmly says, “So the consulate is closed today, that’s what the sign on the door says in Spanish.”  Immediately the 3 men in front of us become exasperated & react the way that I felt: frustrated, inconvenienced, & mad that everyone is not running on “American” time.  I turn around fully expecting Tyler to respond as ungraciously as I am prepared to.  Tyler just very calmly says, “Oh well, guess we’ll get to come again on Monday” & begins to head back to the car.

“What?!?”  We just spent extra money on gas & we are going to have to do it again on Monday, he had to take off of work when & he is about to have to take off 2 months of work for our Colombia trip, we have so many projects to still work  on at home that we didn’t have time to travel to Houston.  So I very sweetly asked him, “Why so calm?”

His reply, “There is nothing that we can do about this and I got to have a nap yesterday, a date with my wife (House of Pie & this movie on TV) & relax, we get to head home early & have a full weekend to work on the projects and this gets us one step closer to our kids.”  He also jokingly asked, “Do you remember what you prayed for in the car right before we went in? You prayed, ‘God please get us in & out of the consulate fast’ and He answered!  Next time ask God for our visas too.”

I love this guy, he’s going to be such a great dad! 🙂

On the way back we ate at Tyler’s favorite restaurant (at least when we can’t find a Chipotle)

Stopped at a famous TX monument, Sam Houston

HEADed home (it’s joke get it?)

At the dinnermesa,


One thought on “Best laid plans…

  1. Kathy Mitchell says:

    Ya’ll crack me up- this really was your fault Beth ( as Tyler so plainly stated) you got exactly what you prayed for. Go bigger next time, LOL!

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