It’s really happening…

Last weekend we were celebrating the success of my husband’s company…

The fellas

All of the supportive wives 🙂

It was a great night!  My husband has been blessed to work with some amazing people. They are full of integrity, smart, funny, and have fabulous wives!  We had a fancy dinner, visited about our families, and enjoyed each other’s company.

One week later…we are headed to Houston to pick u our visas at the Colombian consulate.  Why you ask?

Because we are traveling AUGUST 1st for Colombia!!

Things to accomplish in two weeks: learn more Spanish, clothes & shoes to get, 10hrs of online training done by Saturday, kid’s medicine to buy, tooth brush holders, memorize more scripture, 2 more back-packs, dog’s have to go to the vet, go on a date with my husband, meeting with the  school district, spend time with family & friends, call to the pediatrician, fix brakes on the van, youth camp all next week, finish the plumbing in the kid’s bathroom, become a perfect parent, pray, pray, pray…

This afternoon we’ll get to tell the kids that we will be there in 2wks.  2wks and our family will be together.  We still have to take time to pause and let it sink in: 5 kids calling us Papi & Mami, 5 kids to take care of, 5 kids to hug good night, 5 kids to chase after every day!  Oh my goodness, these lives that we are blessed with!

Time flies.  It’s up to you to be the navigator. ~Rob Orben

At the dinnermesa,


7 thoughts on “It’s really happening…

  1. Melissa says:

    Yay!!! I had chills reading this!! We will continue to pray. We love y’all very much y’all have been a bigger blessing in our lives than you will ever know! Bring those babies home! 😉

  2. toni smith says:

    i am soooooo excited to hear about all of the news and happenings, your life is pretty amazing…love you so much.

  3. Vicki says:

    SO excited to meet your precious babies; I can’t even imagine how y’all must be feeling! The days will fly by & you’ll all be back here before you know it! Then the days will continue to fly by & they’ll be finishing high school before you know it, then …….. You need any help with clothes or shoes?

  4. Melissa seals says:

    Just wanted to say two things! One, so excited for you! You seem very prepared! Just remember….things change, plans change, life happens. Learning to roll with it will make things better! Two, I mean this in a loving way…… You will never be perfect parents, no one is! And the day I figured that out, I relaxed a lot! I tried to be “the perfect parent”! It didn’t happen, I’ve made tons of mistakes! I’ve learned over the span of five kids to admit to them when I’ve screwed up, when I’ve lost my cool, etc. These kids ( and yours) don’t need perfect parents , they need honest, loving, merciful parents to teach them Gods love and grace, humility, forgiveness, the joy that comes from willingly obey and how to help others with a happy heart! I am confidant that you and Tyler will do all of that and much more! You guys will be awesome parents! Hope that makes sense! Trying so hard to be perfect parents will only set you up to fall! God doesn’t want that for you!!

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