Making memories…

We have had the privilege to make some wonderful family memories this past week…

1.  The group of adoptees on the teen service trip for Gladney got to meet our kids!  They did us a huge service of getting the kid’s sizes so we can get the right size clothing for them.  They also took time to play with the kids & just love on them.  Then very late at night we got a Skype call from the entire group to tell us about their experience with the 5!  The group said that we are definitely going to have our hands full & that the kids are great!  Busy, silly, and enjoying their picture books & presents that we sent them.  I look forward to reminding my children about this special group of people who sacrificed their time & finances to make this trip and give hope to the waiting children in Colombia.

Skyping with the whole group! We could only see about 4-5 of the group & didn’t realize that we had the privilege of meeting everybody til these pictures were posted to facebook.

Team showing us the measurements that they took of our kids!

2.  The kids got to meet Tyler’s side of the family this week.  We almost had to cancel the call because the oldest two started school this week and weren’t going to be able to be on the call.  Luckily Daniela (the woman at La Casa who oversees all of our Skype dates) is fabulous & said that she would get the youngest 3 for the call.  This actually worked out perfectly.  Our oldest 2, let’s be honest mostly big sister, do most of the talking on our Skype dates so giving the younger ones a chance to communicate with us was great!  And luckily we have a flexible family who came over Thursday afternoon for the younger kid’s call & again Friday morning to meet the older kids before they left for school!!

The kids are loving all of their new family members!  The younger kids were pretty impressed with their new cousin & his bright red hair, and the older kids really enjoyed meeting their new baby cousin.  All of the kids got big smiles when they realized that big sister shares the same name with her new Tia.

Tyler’s parents meeting the new grandkids

Meeing Tio, Tia, & Prima

3.  This call was also special because Tyler’s mom brought her laptop so we could do a walking tour of the house with the kids.  We went through all of the rooms of the house, the front yard, back yard & the vehicles.  The kids are very curious about their new home.  They loved their rooms, the boys are excited about their new beds & toys.  The girls love their new “kitchen”.  The kids took turns calling out who would live upstairs & who would live downstairs (in the bunk-beds).  When they saw the backyard ‘soccer’ was the only word that was said, over & over again!  Our oldest son was not in a smiling mood on the call but he did crack a grin when he got to see the van.  Love that he digs the cars as much as his daddy does!

Tyler doing the walking tour via the laptop, how amazing is technology!

These things got the biggest smiles out of our kids: their beds, food in the cabinet (especially the apple juice),  Papi y Mami’s bed (big sister stated it is big enough for all of us to fit in), the van, and the loudest shouts of joy were for the bathtub!

Our favorite parts during the phone calls:  Our middle son saying, “Papi did a great job on our house!”, big brother saying 3wks is too long away & he wants us there sooner, the excitement of all the kids learning that one of them shares the same name with their new family, and Daniela informing us that ALL of the kids are looking in their picture books & calling us Papi & Mami.  Lastly during the tour big sister asked us to sing them a song…uh oh our knowledge of Spanish songs was next to zero…but luckily Tyler went on a mission trip last year to Peru & learned one song that he has been trying to teach me.  The first song we did for the kids…

Mi Dios es tan grande, tan fuerte y poderoso, no hay nada se no puede hacer.  (My God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do)

It was perfect, it was truth & it made my kids smile!

Sweet baby girl holding her picture book about papi y mami

At the dinnermesa,



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