Just for us #1…

One of the main reasons our family started the blog is to remember.  In a year when we are asking ourselves, “what were we thinking and we can read about God’s faithfulness & His provision”.  In two years when we ask ourselves, “we are praying (insert request) for our kids and we can read when God answered our request for children.”  In six years when our oldest becomes a teenager and we can look back at when he first joined our family.  In ten years when our kids are wondering how we were feeling, what we were doing, how we lived before they came home.

One of the best pieces of advice that we have been given during our trek to a family is to not forget about each other.  When the kids come home we will be completely focused on them, and our roles as husband & wife will take a backseat to our roles as dad & mom.  We will take time for each other but it will not be like it is now: where we can go to a midnight showing of Shrek, visit friends on a whim, head away for the weekend with no planning, eat out without the fear of food being thrown or a tantrum ensuing.

The “Just for us…” posts are a fun homework project for me & the husband.  Our daily discussions, actions & prayers are centered around the five kids coming into our lives.  As a husband and wife we still need to take time to talk to each other about each other.  Our answers to these random questions are not going to change anybody’s life or solve the world’s problems, but they are going to be a daily reminder that we need to talk to each other and take the time to focus on a strong marriage to be good parents to our children.  I hope that in a few months or years when things are hard or happy we will be able to look back on these posts & remember…

#1.  What is your dream job, and why?

TYLER:  I want to drive around in a van and hand out over-sized checks to people.  Everybody you meet is happy to see you, I like to travel, and it will be fun to watch people cash a giant check at a bank.  And luckily we have a van, so really all I need is some large poster-board & a rich person…seems doable.

BETH:  I would be a professional whistler, much like this famous character.  I love to whistle and it would be great to get paid for it, that way I could remove all of the mouth wrinkles (compare to smoker’s wrinkles) I am going to get from whistling.

#2.  If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

TYLER: I would live in Wisconsin.  I like the Packers.  I like cheese.  I like the cold.  I like Laverne & Shirley.

BETH: I would live in Stars Hollow, CT.  Yes, the fictional world where the show Gilmore Girls was set.  Quirky characters, the Dragon Fly Inn, Luke’s Diner, Kim’s Antiques, and a great town square.  And I would love to be in the “Festival of Living Art”.

It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.  ~Friedrich Nietzsche

At the dinnermesa,



One thought on “Just for us #1…

  1. Melissa says:

    Awesome!!! As I read this I am childless, Ricardo is wgramdparents at te moment. Now you think we have 5. You also both have parents they may split them up and give you guys a break from time to time
    🙂 it’s so different we’ve only sent him w grandparents 2 times this ring the second and I can tell you we are constantly thinking of him. It has been nice to talk to each other and we’ve done some of those things going to a late movie & spontaneous trip. It’s very true not to forget each other. 🙂 love you both!!

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