So this week has been filled with forms, paperwork, birth certificates, family history, presents & more paperwork…

But all of our immigration paperwork is on it’s way!!

We had to kill a few trees but that’s all of it!

We received the official referrals for the kids this week, this included their birth certificates, medical history, family history & school reports.  SO MUCH INFORMATION!! We are overwhelmed but thankful for all of these tools to learn more about our children & where they are coming from.  Many people have asked us about their story of how they became orphans, we are taking the advice of our adoption agency and keeping it in our family of 7; this is their story to tell & maybe someday they will let people know, but it will be told on their terms, not ours.  Hearing about their history is hard, and it is heart-breaking that we couldn’t be there for them or get them sooner, but this was God’s plan & His timing.  Their past will not define them but it will influence them & I have a feeling the most-said-phrase passed between Tyler & I will be “remember their story”, reminding us to deal with hard situations with love & patience.

We also got the kid’s photo books ready to go & a small present for each one, but instead of shipping them our caseworker, Beth from Gladney, will be able to hand deliver therm!!  Every year Gladney takes an Adoptee Service Trip where the Gladney staff takes a group of teens ages 14-19 to work in orphanages & this year they are headed to Colombia & will be at La Casa (our kid’s current home) on Monday morning.  All of the teens going on the trip are Gladney adoptees and some of the teens going on the trip were adopted from areas around Colombia, I am so curious about what is going through their minds, and the hope that they are giving the ‘waiting children’ in Colombia.

Small playground balls for the boys, small baby doll for big sister & a small blanket for the baby, but most importantly photo books for everybody

The photo books are the most important part, the balls, baby doll & blanket may get lost, broken & definitely dirty, but the kids will have a book to carry around about their new family.  Pictures of papi y mami, abuelos, tias y tio, primos, la casa, & most importantly their camas y perros!

All of this means that we will plan to travel to Bogota sometime between August 2nd-7th!!  That’s less than a month away, can you believe it?!?  This week we put a down payment on our apartment while we are in Bogota, & it is beautiful!  It is spacious, close to La Casa & the courts, & comes with a maid who will be with us 8 hrs. a day!!  Our maid will handle the shopping, cooking, CLEANING & LAUNDRY!!  God’s provision is so good we will be able to completely focus on our kids!!  Poor babies, they are in for a rude awakening when we get back to the States & realize that our house does not come with a maid too.

Here are our specific prayer requests:

1.  For the group of 31: Gladney staff, adult chaperones, and teens who are traveling to Colombia this week.  Pray for their safety & experience, & for the kids that they are going to meet & influence.

2.  Immigration paperwork to go through quickly & with no hiccups.

3.  Our maid, we pray that she has patience, kindness, and a heart for our family.  It would be amazing to have an extra translator around, a person to give me Colombia cooking lessons & a person to teach us about our children’s culture.  But 7 Nichols in one house is going to be overwhelming & exhausting…let’s be honest for those of you who know us, sometimes just Tyler and I in one house is exhausting…needless to say please pray for this woman!!

4.  Wisdom with money; in America there are so many things our kids ‘need’.  Pray that we have discernment about what our children need vs. what society tells us they ‘need’.  I am excited that this movie is coming out right before we leave because that will probable be our last “spendin’ money just for fun” for quite a while.  🙂

At the dinnermesa,



2 thoughts on “Paperwork…

  1. Nicole says:

    Hi Beth,

    We met you in May at the La Casa presentation. I was wondering if I could get your phone number to ask you a question about the apartment.

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