It takes a village…

5 beds, 5 mattresses needed.  On facebook I posted  “In the market for 3-4 twin mattresses ASAP any suggestions of great places to get them?”  Within the day we had 5 mattresses donated for all of the kids!

Here are just a few of the members of our village that participated in the “Great Mattress Round-Up of 2012″…

First stop was a pick up from Tina’s house.  Tina was my Sunday school teacher/mentor/role model from 4th grade-always!!  She is beautifully loyal to her family & teaches everyone she comes in contact with how to care about & love one another.  Can’t wait for the kids to be able to meet her!!

Tina & Delani!

The second stop was to our friend Kathy.  Kathy is a mom of 3 boys, she is smart, dependable & honest!  We got to be roommates last year at youth camp & I have never seen a better attitude on someone after chasing teens all day in 100+ degree weather!!  I will definitely be calling her daily for advice when the kids arrive!


Last stop was the Jessica and Jordan.  Jessica & Jordan have two precious kids & they are excited about their new friends coming home from Colombia!  Great having friends who are constantly encouraging us through their family &  teaching their kids about adoption.

Jessica and her kids!

Also we got a new member to our village this past week…

Introducing our precious niece!

Sweet baby girl!

She is gorgeous & we already love her a ridiculous amount!!

At the dinnermesa,



3 thoughts on “It takes a village…

    • I’m happy to have found your blog! My husband and I are adopting a sibling group of three (not quite as brave as you :)) from Colombia. I’m excited to follow your journey!


      • dinnermesa says:

        Love it! Glad to have you reading, please keep us posted about your family’s adventures!!

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