Making room…

So we do not have a large home, and making room for five more individuals got our creative juices flowing, trying to figure out any extra room that we could find.  We had a breezeway that connected the kitchen and garage.  It was a cute fun detail about the house that we did not love.  The area was very hard to keep clean, caused us to take our keys anytime we wanted to get into the garage & basically a wasted space.

So my ‘rocket-scientist’-of-a-husband had the great idea to convert the space into on office.

So here are the before/during pictures of our construction project…

Here is the breezeway before construction. Pretty gross right?!?

This was definitely a family project, Tyler & his Dad on Christmas Eve working on breezeway.

Breezeway cleaned out, facing the backyard.

Breezeway cleaned out, facing the front yard.

Frame going up.

There is my dad helping out too. We are loving that he is retired & excited about helping make room for grandkids!

One wall nearly complete.

View from the front of the house (dad working hard again)

Stopping for the night with one wall up.

Putting in the back wall with a door. Had to take the door back down & add a doggie-door.

Lucy checking out the new digs.

We have got a complete room! I am pretty sure this is the day we stopped calling this place “the breezeway” & it became “the office” 🙂

Bookshelves going up along the back wall.

Our good friend Jordan helping out on construction. Jordan was extremely helpful & we absolutely could not have done this project without his construction expertise!!

Putting up the shelves for the front wall.

Shelves & counter-top installed & done.

Bookshelves ready for detail work…

We are so thankful for the family & friends that helped out, we couldn’t have done it without you!!

At the dinnermesa,



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