Book ballerina…

Some artwork for the girl’s room…a how-to…

This picture was donated to the garage sale & I saved her because I liked the frame & the size & thought that it would be perfect in the girl’s room…with a small redo.

I had a lot of old reader’s digest books, that we simply do not have room for in the new office.  So instead of getting rid of them I decided to use them for an art project.  The first thing I did was pull off all of the book covers.  They all came off relatively cleanly if they were harder to get off I used a razor blade to get a clean cut.

Sweet baby Jacen came to help me glue all of the book covers to the old picture that was in the frame. Don’t worry all of the covers were cut before he came over to help.

Simple Elmer’s glue held all of the covers in place. I started at the bottom of the picture towards the middle so if any covers needed to be cut it would only have to happen around the edges where the imperfections would be less noticeable.

I am not much of a perfectionist so I would just use my nail to make an indention and cut as straight as possible on that line to finish off the outside of the border.

Cutting down the covers.

After covering the whole picture I had one open space where the books did not line up, luckily I still had a piece of this book left over so I just cut a strip and pieced it in.

For the next part I looked at my inspiration piece.  I used it as a guide and drew out each section of the picture (ex. leg, petal on the skirt, toe shoe, waist, etc) on white paper until I was happy with the result.

All of the pieces are separate & just fitted together like a puzzle. So not perfect but I think I got the point across 🙂

Then I modge-podged each piece onto an old book page.  Make sure you glue them down so the book page side will be facing the correct way.  I used a dictionary from the 1940’s, I love the dictionary pages because they are thin and pretty forgiving about not wrinkling up.  After the pieces were modge-podged I just cut them out.

I covered the entire piece with books to help flatten out any wrinkles, I let it sit overnight.

Before I glued the individual pieces to the book covers I added some details to a few of the pieces to add more texture to the picture.

The ballet shoes & leotard got one layer of this mixture. Enough to add a touch of color and shimmer but you are still able to see pieces of the book page underneath.

The tights got this mixture in a Chevron pattern. I just used a small brush & went slowly, again there are a lot of mistakes but really who’s going to notice 🙂

Each skirt petal got a border of teal mixture from these colors, or an outline of the ballet shoe colors or a border of the tight’s color.

Here she is nearly finished. But she looked a little bland…

Anytime paper starts to look a little flat I try to add in a fabric element.

So I added a ribbon waist for the bodice and some scrap black lace to each petal. I also filled in the ballet shoes with the chevron tights and added a black border around the legs to show some separation.

And here is the final product…

I did give the frame a small paint treatment of dry-brushing (color: Behr, teal zeal) and two coats of stain wiped on and then immediately off (stain: Minwax Ebony).

I just finished painting the office so next on the list of to-do items is finish the girl’s beds & dresser.  Then I’m off to working on the boy’s room.  Hoping creativity shows up and stays with me for the next few weeks!!

At the dinnermesa,



One thought on “Book ballerina…

  1. Vicki Lindsey says:

    So cute!! You are so talented, and the love you are putting into every detail is amazing! I feel privileged to witness what God is doing in your family!!

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