Upon meeting Lorena (you can read about Lorena in this post), we were able to give her some presents to give to the kids until we are able to travel and bring them home.  We tried to be thoughtful and think small, since the only way we can send them to Colombia was in Lorena’s suitcase.

We sent them this “read to me” book.  The book is in English but luckily we have some amazing friends that translated it into Spanish & slowly walked us through every page so we could read it to our kids in their native language.  We got plastic luggage tags from Hobby Lobby and put a picture of us in it for the kids to hold onto.  The boys all got a watch and the girls got some homemade bows.  I really liked the idea that the kids would be able to wear something as a daily reminder that a family is waiting for them to come home.

We had a late night of translating with the Issac and Lisa. Luckily they were so patient & encouraging!!

Book, luggage tags, watches & hairbows for the niños

Pinwheel bows I made for the girls. I used the country’s flags for inspiration. The one on the left is the Colombian bow (red, blue & yellow) & the one on the right is the American bow (red, white & blue)

Yep on the back of the bow they’ll be wearing a heart that I cut out for them…*sigh

At the dinnermesa,


2 thoughts on “Presents…

  1. Jennifer Schram says:


    You are the most thoughtful & creative person ever!!! These kids are going to be so blessed & forever thankful to our Lord, for the parents that were hand picked by Him for them!!

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