A great weekend of celebrating.  First a friend’s birthday; here is the semi-homemade present:

Container Garden with corkscrew grass & peppermint, perfect for the kitchen. I added shells for her love of the beach.

Sweet homemade garden marker with a vintage spoon & scrapbook paper, sealed with this product for waterproofing.

 Also finished a baby shower present:

Sweet Baby Gap spring/summer dresses

Embellished with hand-stitched flowers

Fabric-flower frame with children’s book art

Fabric frame was made from scraps of dusty rose fabric & lace remnants

Baby button bouquet made in a vintage salt shaker

Then off to a wedding shower for a childhood friend.  It was wonderful, filled with Latin American culture & Spanish speakers; great practice for when the kids come home!  And I am proud to say that I understood most of what was being said (thank you Spanish class & online courses)!!  Forgot to take a picture of the shower present, I gave her a monogrammed apron with her new last name’s initial, and other kitchen accouterments.  But here are some lovely details from the party:

Me’me enjoying herself in a tiara 🙂

My mom got to practice her Spanish speaking tools too; proud to say they came back to her pretty quickly!

Some of the fun details

A great game of Bingo (also great Spanish vocab lesson)

El Ginególogo…the gynecologist…gave us all a good chuckle 🙂

At the dinnermesa,



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