Smells like…

When I started dating my husband he drove this car:

He liked to go fast & I’m pretty sure he liked to impress the ladies 🙂

 When we got married he traded in his fancy fast car and we bought a Tacoma (for him) & a Matrix (for me)

This is on our honeymoon, I like to say that when he sold the Eclipse he traded up: a truck, a car & a wife.

The little red car has definitely been part of the family.  She has taken us to Colorado, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Maryland, Florida & all across the DFW metroplex.  We named her Rita (after Rita Hayworth, the redhead).  But as our life is changing it was time for a new vehicle, allow me to introduce you to the new car:

Her name is Ottobus, Otto for short.  We are looking forward to lots of adventures with Otto, camping trips, drives to far off lands (Pennsylvania & Georgia), and trying to keep her clean with five kids in tow.  Our first night out with her & we went around the neighborhood & filled her up with some friends just to try her out.

She works!

Don’t worry about the little red car we found her a new home.  One of the students in our life group class (aka. Sunday School Class) just turned 16 & her parents were looking for a car…God’s perfect timing!  I think they are going to get along great.  Rita was renamed Pumba, but I think it fits her perfectly…him perfectly.

The look of pure joy! 🙂

 At the dinnermesa,


3 thoughts on “Smells like…

  1. Nichole Morris says:

    I love it!! That will be our next vehicle too. Let me know how you like it! Can’t wait to hear about your new adventures with Otto!

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