Oh No(ah)…

Sometimes I feel like Noah.  Here is a guy commanded by God to build an ark in a world that had never seen rain.  We are a couple commanded to prepare for children into a household that has never had kids.

He built the ark in front of his friends, family & neighbors, he could not keep his work a secret; although when should God’s work ever be a secret?  We are preparing in front of our friends, family & neighbors: painting, learning Spanish, getting furniture, a deep freeze, collecting clothing sizes 2T-7 and kid-proofing everything!!  I wonder if Noah ever thought, “Maybe I heard wrong & God said I am going to send a spud & I should have been preparing with butter, bacon bits & chives?”

We have been in seven weeks of silence from Colombia.  The last information we got about the kids was that they would be staying in foster care until we were closer to having our paperwork completed.  Now don’t get me wrong this was good news it meant that the kids would get to stay in a family setting and their lives would not be disrupted but it also meant a very limited information about how they are doing.

But then we got a drop of rain…

Our adoption agency called and they were on a Skype date with the orphanage’s director when she said the director surprised her with this:

“I heard a loud commotion come into the room and suddenly I saw kid’s heads bobbing in and out of the screen.  They are your kids at the orphanage!  The oldest proudly stated his name and then proceeded to stick his tongue out at the camera and watch himself in the screen.  Big Sister lined everyone up with authority and kept them in line, all the while keeping her white bow perfectly in place.  The two middle brothers laughed and harassed their big sister by jumping in and out of the picture keeping her hands busy.  And baby girl slept in the director’s lap the whole time.”

They are LOUD, not shy, enthusiastic, brothers & sisters, and excited!!!

We are preparing for rain, in fact we are picking up our 12-passenger maroon ark tomorrow afternoon, but we know what comes at the end of a storm…

At the dinnermesa,


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