Idle hands…

This weekend we are headed to Lubbock for a big adventure with some great friends & as luck would have it we get to crash a family wedding shower!  This is probably the first “homemade present” I have made someone who I have met twice.  And not twice and we talked for hours but twice and we had to reintroduce ourselves.  Oh well!

Landon & Ali were described to me as creative & bohemian in style (also fans of a hit 90’s tv show, $5 bucks to the first person able to tell me where the quote on the pillow is from), so here is what I made…

At the dinnermesa,


Old wooden hat box that apparently held a Wok set; oh the stories it could tell 🙂

Floral design with rolled magazine art.

Just a closer look.

Hand-painted pillow with 90’s sitcom quote (this is one of my favorite quotes from the show).              

About to squeeze the pillow into the giant hat box.


3 thoughts on “Idle hands…

  1. Jennifer Schram says:

    My favorite show of ALL times!!! I always say everyone has @ least one episode of “Friends” that they can call theirs. Btw, That was Phoebe who told that to Ross. 🙂

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