Meet the Current Family…

So here are a few members of our current family, aren’t they cute…don’t let those precious faces fool you, they are trouble!

I brought Buddy into the marriage.  He is a cuddler, smart and defiant.  We had to buy him a green collar because upon meeting him most people think that he is a girl.

Saydie came with the husband into the marriage.  She has a great sense of smell and can track anything as long as it is wrapped in bacon.

Last is the baby of the group, Lucy.  She is definitely the little sister of the siblings, constantly picking on the other two & has the husband wrapped around her little paw.

All in all they are a mess.  They bring mud into the house, bark at inopportune moments, are greedy if there is food involved, and give us a ridiculous amount of joy.  For the first few years of our marriage they have been our family, our “kids”.  We’ve learned to have forgiveness as Lucy chewed up our back fence.  Patience, when Saydie takes her precious time trying to find the perfect spot in the yard to…well you know. Grace when Buddy “chooses” not to follow instructions.  And most importantly how to take care of another living thing: feeding them, making time for them, housing them, doctor visits, walking them, loving them.

I realize that children are going to be so much harder but I am thankful that we have had the training wheels on before we ride down the big hill.

I hope that my children like dogs.

At the dinnermesa,



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