Idle hands…

This weekend we are headed to Lubbock for a big adventure with some great friends & as luck would have it we get to crash a family wedding shower!  This is probably the first “homemade present” I have made someone who I have met twice.  And not twice and we talked for hours but twice and we had to reintroduce ourselves.  Oh well!

Landon & Ali were described to me as creative & bohemian in style (also fans of a hit 90’s tv show, $5 bucks to the first person able to tell me where the quote on the pillow is from), so here is what I made…

At the dinnermesa,


Old wooden hat box that apparently held a Wok set; oh the stories it could tell 🙂

Floral design with rolled magazine art.

Just a closer look.

Hand-painted pillow with 90’s sitcom quote (this is one of my favorite quotes from the show).              

About to squeeze the pillow into the giant hat box.


Small things…

Nice to have the house back after the garage sale.  We have updates going on all over the house getting ready for the kids (pictures & posts to come as projects are completed) but I am trying to keep our bedroom a calm area.

Putting up the fall/winter linens & getting down our spring/summer bedding.  One of the luxuries I allow myself is fresh flowers in the house.  Once about every three weeks I head to the grocery store’s floral department & buy a small $3 filler bouquet & fill up small vases & mason jars around the house.  It’s a small thing but the little blooms always make me smile.

At the dinnermesa,


Fall linens headed to storage

Spring bedding out of storage

Love Thy Neighbor…

So for the past two days this hymn has been going through my head,

“I serve a risen Savior, He’s in the world today;
I know that He is living, whatever men may say;
I see His hand of mercy, I hear His voice of cheer, And just the time I need Him, He’s always near. ”

We had a garage sale and all of the proceeds went toward our adoption.  We prayed for donations, good weather, volunteers, and a crowd.  How did God answer?

1. We prayed for donations…over 30 generous families donated to the sale.

2.We prayed for good weather…God gave us two beautiful days in a row after a week of refreshing rain. Rain that I stressed over well into the night (Matthew 6:24 ‘Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself’). Sad to say I worried.

3.We prayed for volunteers…friends & family showed up for every hour of the sale, with tables, good attitudes, food, and encouragement!

4.We prayed for a crowd…God provided abundantly with friends, family, and neighbors.

Some unexpected blessings:

Instead of haggling prices, the most said phrases of the day were “keep the change” & “God bless”

We met several strangers who shopped one day, heard our story, returned the next day with donations for the sale, & then shopped again!  These are my neighbors!!  Neighbors who I found out are bilingual, have kids to play with my kids, are going through adoptions themselves, teach at my kid’s school, and are praying for us.

Thank you to those who prayed, donated items, volunteered time & beautifully displayed Mark 12:30, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

The garage before…

Bedroom #1

Bedroom #2

Me & mom pricing

Front yard Day 1

Back yard Day 1

So many clothes

Good morning day 2

Some of our lovely volunteers

The check-out station

Backyard Day 2

The last unexpected blessing, remember how packed the bedrooms looked in earlier photos? Two bedrooms & the living room were covered in clothes, household items, electronics…everything! But while we were outside working the sale some of our amazing volunteers cleaned the house!!!

Room #1 CLEAN!!!

Room #2 CLEAN!!!

& the living room; letting the husband rest peacefully after a hard day’s work

“You ask me how I know He lives?
He lives within my heart. ”

At the dinnermesa,


Meet the Current Family…

So here are a few members of our current family, aren’t they cute…don’t let those precious faces fool you, they are trouble!

I brought Buddy into the marriage.  He is a cuddler, smart and defiant.  We had to buy him a green collar because upon meeting him most people think that he is a girl.

Saydie came with the husband into the marriage.  She has a great sense of smell and can track anything as long as it is wrapped in bacon.

Last is the baby of the group, Lucy.  She is definitely the little sister of the siblings, constantly picking on the other two & has the husband wrapped around her little paw.

All in all they are a mess.  They bring mud into the house, bark at inopportune moments, are greedy if there is food involved, and give us a ridiculous amount of joy.  For the first few years of our marriage they have been our family, our “kids”.  We’ve learned to have forgiveness as Lucy chewed up our back fence.  Patience, when Saydie takes her precious time trying to find the perfect spot in the yard to…well you know. Grace when Buddy “chooses” not to follow instructions.  And most importantly how to take care of another living thing: feeding them, making time for them, housing them, doctor visits, walking them, loving them.

I realize that children are going to be so much harder but I am thankful that we have had the training wheels on before we ride down the big hill.

I hope that my children like dogs.

At the dinnermesa,


First Guest Post…

I was asked to do a guest post on a friend’s blog

Jeremy and his wife are those people you meet & wonder how you could have gone this long in life not knowing them, they are that wonderful.

Jeremy is currently in India on a mission trip, please keep him and his team in your prayers.

Jeremy has set up his blog in a letter format, he asked me to write about something that I am passionate about…so adoption :).

Hope you join me in following Jeremy’s blog, it’s funny, insightful and gives you a small glance of these wonderful people.

At the dinnermesa,


Thanks Peru…

A little more about our story,

On February 2, 2012 we got a call from our adoption agency telling us there is a sibling group available for adoption.  We were happy, excited, joyful and OVERWHELMED!! Because the next sentence the agency told us…’There are five of them”…Five! Are you kidding me?  All I can think of is: you are going to entrust five children to me!  When I hear mother of five I might instantly envision Superman dressed in heels and an apron.

I was afraid.

Then we were told their gender and ages.  Boy 6yrs, girl 5yrs, boy 4yrs, boy 3yrs, girl 1.5yrs.

God’s plans are greater than our plans.  Thank goodness.  We began “planning” our family through adoption by looking into adopting one child, a baby girl.  Then my husband went on a mission trip to Peru in the summer of 2011.

This mission trip was not on our radar.  We had not financially planned for an international mission trip but God had provided the time and the money (money we thought we had better use for).  Also most of the mission trip my husband would have to participate in acting out bible stories…my husband, the rocket scientist, does not act, he engineers, will hold cue cards but as for acting, not his thing!  This trip could have been just an uncomfortable experience for my husband but as with everything, God used this trip for His glory.  Through Peru my husband’s heart was softened towards South America, living the American dream became an after thought, our family began actively supporting this ministry and God was given control.  Two months later we applied for a sibling group of 2-4 from Colombia.

So I have to point out that we are getting a baby girl (our plan) AND her big sister and three big brothers (God’s plan).

Adoption is hard.  There is always the chance that it may not happen.  Bringing home five new members of our family will be difficult.  Becoming a mom will be exhausting.  But I am no longer afraid.  Cautious, prayerful, leaning heavily on God, seeking resources and help every step of the way-yes!

‘You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.’ ~Eleanor Roosevelt

At the dinnermesa,


Five Minutes’ Peace

One of the most asked questions that I get about the adoption: “What are you most excited about & what are you most nervous about?”

Allow me to answer,

Most excited: we are going to have a family, we are going to be a family of seven!  I will have five new people to love and care about.  The noise, messes, laughter, constant busyness, seeing my husband be a father, homework, sibling fights, special moments with mom & dad, Christmas morning, my parents becoming grandparents, getting to tell my kids about Jesus, telling my children I love them.

Most nervous: we are going to have a family, we are going to be a family of seven!  I will have five new people to love and care about.  The selflessness required of a parent, emotions, worry, inadequacies, tantrums, anger, insecurities, physical needs, mental needs, not living up to “America’s standards”, not living up to my family’s standards, not living up to my standards.

I was talking to my Aunt Suzy about the “most nervous” side and then received this delightful book from her in the mail:

It reminded me that my insecurities are okay, because being a parent is hard & exhausting but as Aunt Suzy says “worth it”!

At the dinnermesa,